March 22nd  2020. An important date as it is a reminder on the significance of water and also sets an opportunity to learn more regarding this precious good. World water day was designated by the United Nations in Rio de Janeiro summit in 1992.

There are three aspects in this year’s World water day: ΄΄ We cannot afford to wait’’, ‘Everyone has a role to play’’ και ‘’Water can help fight climate change’’.

Given the unpredicted and unprecedented situation of the coronavirus outbreak the need for access as well as effective use of water is more imminent then ever before.

People rely on water to survive, but also to support all major systems that they rely on: healthcare, education, business and industry. Action plans for climate change must be implemented on various sectors and cross borders. They must also have one thing in common: safe and effective water use.

We must put to work production plans and use water much more efficiently. As world population is growing, the demand for water rises, resolving in water supply exhaust, destruction of natural resources and environment. Solutions include safeguard of natural resources, reverse of climate change and sewage reuse.

Climate change may seem frightening and discouraging but there is a simple step to be taken in order to make a difference: quit spending water.



  • 785 million people do not have access to clean water near their residence.
  • 2 billion people do not own a private wc.
  • 31% of schools lack clean water.
  • Every minute one newborn dies due to infections caused by unhealthy environment and lack of potable water.
  • Over 443 million school hours are lost all over the world because of illness related to water.


Statistics are disappointing. This day must be a chance to be more active in order to change the course of things.