CONSTRAT originally founded in 2001.


We are focused on Water – Wastewater Industry, Industrial & Building Automation. We provide complete turn key solutions using advanced technology and materials, being actively involved both in the design as well as their implementation.


With years of experience and reliable presence in our field of expertise, we can guarantee the best customer-oriented solution, technical and financial wise to our customers who are our closest partner.


Being pioneers of implementing advanced technology and leveraging our expertise we contribute daily in providing everyday solutions in the Water – Wastewater Industry.


Our core values and experience, guide us to remain in the frontline of Wastewater Treatment, Energy Saving as well as AMR & IoT Solutions.


Over the last years we have a turnout of more than 10m€ in Supply of Water Network Materials, Control & Monitoring Automation Systems and Water Leak Detection solutions throughout Greece and Cyprus. We currently count over 100 remote stations and 8.000 smart meters.


Our staff has a great experience in project control and implementation (more than 10m€ in water related tenders) as well as the development of Greek – European projects, such as: (PENED03 – 207k€, Horizon 2020- £3.48M).


Our central office is located in Athens and we also have a branch office in Heraklion Crete

Our central warehouse is also in Athens


Our philosophy

Smart solutions for Smart cities

Designing and implementing solutions that will transform our cities to future cites, requires vision, know-how and consistency.

We design and implement tomorrow’s solutions today, moving forward, collecting data and updating products and services.

Respect for the Environment

The environment is of highest importance to us, therefore we ensure that both our company as well as our partners practices respect the environment and support sustainable development.

Reliability of products and solutions

We deliver products and implement solutions, support applications and systems, focusing on the reliable and efficient coverage of ever-increasing everyday needs.

Our values

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In a constantly evolving environment the best way to be prepared for tomorrow is to create it yourself.




Adapting to new demands and keep evolving is an integral part of our nature.




Our everyday duty is to understand our partner needs and constantly responding to them reliably.




To provide solutions we push ourselves forward to innovative systems and the development of advanced products. We gain both by creating as well as meeting your demands.




Making our vision reality, means thinking open minded with wide perspective. Continuously educating our staff is an everyday task for us in order to meet any challenge.