SOFREL NEO 4G – IoT data logger

SOFREL NEO 4G – IoT data logger


SOFREL LACROIX presents its new product Data loggers 4G M2M SOFREL NEO,

which is added to the already complete range of reliable and efficient remote data logging devices.

Implementing the most advanced communication abilities (4G-IoT) SOFREL NEO fortifies:

  • Sending data to two SCADA Control Centers
  • Potential of integrating with SOFRELL WEB LS & SOFREL PCWin2
  • Cooperation with the other SCADA systems on the market
  • Easy access by the user to the SIM card and battery

Power supply options include:

  • Internal lithium battery
  • External battery
  • External power supply (network or PV systems)


Constrat continues to pioneer and implement remote control and leak detection systems using evolving technologies and systems available. Our expert staff can provide the additional information you will need for your installation.