LACROIX SOFREL presents the effective monitoring of water quality with its new product SOFREL ChlorIN, for easy

measurement of free chlorine. The chlorine data measurements are efficiently recorded using a strategic interface, where it

is powered by a lithium battery and responding within a time frame of 50s.  At the same time, the recorded data remains

effective due to the detection system for any exceeding high or low limit violations, but also with its immediate alarm.

The benefits of this solution include:

  • Simplified in-pipe installation without service interruption
  • Sampling valve for chlorine sensor calibration
  • Health certification ACS
  • Complete measurement kit: chlorine sensor, mounting device, data logger and pressure sensor

(with IP68 (waterproof) sealing provision for all kit accessories).


The easy use of the product consists of the chlorine sensor insertion system in the pipe without pressure drop, while it is held

with graphical configuration of data logger and sensor from Softools software (including through Bluetooth).CONSTRAT is

constantly evolving using new high-quality products such as SOFREL ChlorIN. For the installation of the product,

but also for further information you can ask for clarification from our qualified staff.