Emotron FlowDrive is designed for the most demanding operation in holistic water network management.


User-friendly and reliable, while offering the best price/performance ratio.

Its advantages are:

  • Optimisation of energy use.
  • Optimization of energy efficiency.
  • No flow sensor required
  • Cleaning of the pump
  • Self-learning system
  • Best Efficiency Point (BEP) algorithm


Pump cleaning

Pump cleaning automates the reversal of the pump flow. It starts the pump and reverses it at a set frequency and for a specified period of time, before returning it to the speed required for tank level control. In most cases, this is sufficient to clean the pump that has been obstructed by foreign bodies. Cleaning of the pump may be started manually or automatically.

No flow sensor required

After the initial commissioning program has been run, FlowDrive can estimate inflow and outflow without the need for a costly external flow sensor. If more accurate flow measurements are required for other reasons, FlowDrive supports, the use of an external sensor.

Random starting level

To avoid accumulation of residues in a single level, this function creates a random start level. The residues that are spread are thus in a wider surface and large accumulations are prevented.

Self-learning system

During commissioning, the user configures all engine data and levels. It then undertakes the self-learning program, taking over measurements and calculation of process data for optimal control. Features include load monitoring, optimum efficiency point and flow estimation.

Best Efficiency Point Algorithm (BEP)

Initially, the engine is run in a learning mode to determine the most efficient operating parameters for the BEP algorithm. By running the pump over a range of frequencies and measuring the pumped volumes, it determines the energy efficient pumping frequency and then calibrates the tank level control operating according to specified values.

The benefits of FlowDrive

Globally proven product for the global water & wastewater industryEnergy savings thanks to automatic optimal control of pump speed Compatibility with all types of pumps Built-in functions that minimize maintenance needs Absence of PLC/pump controller reduces cost and programming effort Fewer pump starts and stops thanks to longer operating times at low frequencies