Flow Drive is a fully automated system for sewage pump applications that are easy in installation and its use.


  • It has a significant low cost of supply and operation, as it does not require a controller or PLC.
  • It reduces energy consumption by up to 30%, ensuring fast payback of the investment.
  • Its built-in “smart” functions minimize maintenance requirements.
  • Input and output flow calculation does not require the installation of a meter, for that reason it achieve reducing of the cost and programming time.
  • It is compatible with pumps from all manufacturers.
  • It has the ability to connect with communication equipment with access to data and unit statistics.


Benefits of Operation:

FlowDrive, as the pump runs at lower speeds, results in reduced friction in piping, longer running time as well as fewer starts. The output to the Network or the next Pumping Station remain stable.

As it is able to change the value of the pump starting level, it prevents the creation of a “crust” at a specific tank height.

FlowDrive with its adjustable “ramp” time prevents hydraulic shocks during start / stop.

It has built-in cleaning functions, such as the bottom of the tank, pumps, and piping, and as result is to reduce maintenance requirements.