Contract signing for the implementation titled:


‘’Supply, installation and startup a system of the remote-control and leak detection in consumption measuring devices, of the water supply network of D.E.Y.A. ERETRIAS’’




Operational Program:                     FILODIMOS I

GROUP:                                              B


BUDGET:                                            2,994,093,00 € (excl. VAT)

FINANCING:                                       MINISTRY OF INTERIOR


The purpose of the implementation is:


  • Continuous monitoring and supervision of important operating parameters of the water supply system.
  • Collection and storage of relevant historical data on water system components.

The proposed system, provides the construction of an information gathering system, supervisory control, automation, in the operation of the facilities consisted of a Central Control System, from which water resources will be managed, by electronic recording of the transmission network/water distribution, connected, via wireless communication devices with 11,339 Local Consumer Control Stations.

More specifically, the implementation includes:
  • Detailed design of the offered integrated system.
  • Supply and installation of the 11,339 Local Control Stations and their required equipment.
  • Supply and installation of all the software needed to operate the system.
  • Supply and installation of all communications equipment, including any transponders-antennas required, for the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the system as well as the submission of the applications for the granting of authorizations by the competent services of the communications systems or any other services or operators are required.
  • Supply and installation of any appliances mentioned in the study.
  • Factory acceptance tests and acceptance tests on the spot.
  • Completion tests and system delivery.
  • Delivery of plans and operating and maintenance manuals.
  • Training of the staff on system’s functions, system’s support and maintenance.
  • System operation and support during trial operation.
  • Free warranty / good maintenance for the period after the final quantitative and qualitative receipt of the supply (system), which is mentioned in the technical offer and is evaluated.
Operation- Expected results:

So, by installing a proper E/M equipment and a distant software at local stations, information will be collected and processed from all points of the internal water supply network of specific areas, which will update the system for:

  • The critical components of the network, such as:
  • Data collection, such as the value of supply and pressure in water pipelines
  • The calculation and visualization of the nightly amenities
  • The immediate presentation of water inventories
  • Data collection, such as the cost of pipes supply
  • Data collection, such as supply and pressure within the settlements’ internal network


The consignment of the above data from the local stations to the central control station, which will be located at DEYA Eretria technical service offices, will be via wireless communication. The communication system will be able to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the entire system.

The collection and monitoring of the above information, will allow, in the technical service of DEYA Eretria, through their proper evaluation and treatment, to always have a clear knowledge of the operating status of the entire system and take the desired corrective actions or pre-regulate network operation, so that it works based on predefined function <<scenarios>>.

Also, through the balance resulting from the measurement of pipeline inputs and outputs, as well as the use of the implement supplies, will be able to detect problem areas with absolute precision.