ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is an internationally recognized standard for business quality management. It is a business model implemented that ensures stability in the expected quality of products and services offered by an organization, always aiming at customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 is the most common quality management standard that sets the requirements for a business to operate so that the end product (or service) meets the expectations of its customers and stakeholders.


By applying the standard, the following goals are met:

  • Enhance the reputation of a business by ensuring customer confidence
  • Combating competition by companies claiming market share by providing low-cost but dubious quality goods
  • Creating opportunities to penetrate international markets as it improves the image and credibility of the business
  • Reduce production costs by optimizing resource management and time
  • Improving employee awareness in quality management
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • The continuous improvement of the processes based on the application of objective monitoring and measuring mechanisms, and thus the upgrading of the company’s processes


The main and general objective of our Policy is to continually improve our business performance while creating added value for our customers, taking into account current regulations, safety and hygiene requirements as well as rapid technological developments.

Specifically, our company’s individual objectives of Quality are:

  • The continuously development and well performance of our business
  • Our customers maximum satisfaction
  • Continuously productivity growth


To achieve all the above CONSTRAT, has installed and continuously improves a Quality Management System that complies with the International Standard ISO 9001:2015.

Company’s Administration, estimates that the Quality Management System is an essential means of the strengthening its Business Position due to:

  • continuous improvement of the quality of its services
  • cost reduction
  • most efficient organization
  • best collaboration in the Company


The framework and means for defining and reviewing objectives targets of Quality, is set out in the System’s regular reviews by Administration.

Continuous improvement of quality performance and prevention of problems – non-compliance, presuppose awareness and systematic control in each individual process and as a whole. The way we use to control processes requires:

  • Clear definition of responsibilities for each process and for each job.
  • Written documentation of how the work is done (Procedures, Work Instructions, Audit Guidelines, etc.) where this seems necessary.
  • Continuous control of the recognized processes.
  • Keeping written evidence that proves the Quality of the services offered.
  • Developing programs to achieve the objectives and objectives of Quality.
  • A process to learn from its mistakes, to systematically ensure that it is not repeated (Corrective Actions) and to continuously improve its operations, as well as to create a framework and prevent mistakes.


Company’s Administration is committed to:

  • satisfy the applicable requirements
  • continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality System
  • communicate the objective purposes and targets to employees

ISO 14001 standard is the most up-to-date rules approach, specifying the requirements for setting up an Environmental Management System for any industrial or other activity.

By applying the internationally recognized ISO 14001 standard, an operational & administrative model is established based on the following three commitments:

  • Prevention of pollution
  • Continuously improving environmental performance
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations


CONSTRAT specializes in the marketing of plumbing and other electromechanical equipment, as well as in the development of automation projects, considers the Environmental Protection as the biggest challenge.

Therefore we all respect the Environmental Aspects of our activities and we have all the necessary funds, so that we can practice an Environmental Management System according to the international standard ISO 1400:2015

The commitment for the Environmental Protection and limitation of the impact our activities, is realized through the following individual steps:

  • Continuous evaluation of the Environmental Aspects of our activities in order to reduce the Environmental Impact of the company
  • Continuous Improvement of the Environmental Performance, which is monitored through annual reviews as well as the adoption of Environmental targets
  • Commitment to meet the company’s conformation obligations
  • Undertakes precautionary measures to avoid emergency situations
  • Environmental education, training and motivation for the employees
  • Encourage of the internal and external communication relevant to the environmental issues

ISO 45001:2018 aims at implementing a strict and effective level of occupational health and safety management. Health and safety in the working environment is one of the most important issues of modern work and is therefore covered by a wide range of legislative requirements.




The purpose of applying the standard is to:

  • Identify, evaluate and manage all potential risks by implementing risk reduction programs (at acceptable levels) and minimizing the risks of the working environment
  • Improve business performance
  • Establish a responsible image in the market


Constrat LTD, regarding trading of hydraulic and electromechanical equipment as well as the development of automation projects, has the policy to act in a way that respects health and safety executive, preventing and reducing the effects of its activities and minimizing the health and safety risks of employees, associates and visitors.


Specifically, is committed to:


  • Comply with all legal and other requirements relating to its activities regarding health and safety and evaluate at regular intervals the level of its compliance.
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of labor injuries and illnesses.
  • Takes all necessary measures to prevent accidents and diseases in its workplace.
  • Set aims and goals as well as programs which are systematically reviewed, by ensuring the continuous improvement of the company’s prospects, in the field of health and safety.
  • Cooperate with national and local bodies which are responsible for the protection of health and safety at work.
  • Ensure that the staff is aware of its responsibilities according to the recorded system of health and safety management as well as being sensitive on issues of health and safety at work.
  • Communicate its policy to employees and all interested parties.


The company’s policy is achieved by the implementation of Health & Safety Management System at work which meets the demands of the standard ISO 45001.


The framework and mechanism for setting and reviewing objective aims and goals is being set in the Management’s regular reviews of the system.


On behalf of the Administration

Konstantinos Stratis

Publication of policy: 02.01.2019

ISO/IEC 27001 is the international standard that defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The information is vital to the functioning and continuity of an organization. ISO 27001 certification helps an organization to manage and protect its valuable assets that contain information. The organization on the one hand protects its information and on the other hand gains the trust of its customers.


Implementation of information security system:

  • Proves that the relevant legislation and the regulations are being applied.
  • Assures the clients of the organization that the security of their information is of prime importance to the organization.
  • Features the existence of an official and operational information security management system.
  • Demonstrates the commitment of the organization’s management to the security of its information
  • Indicates that all information that are saved, processed and communicated through information systems is of value to the organization
  • Maximizes the availability – ensures the integrity of the systems and maintains the confidentiality of the information.


Constrat’s LTD management is committed, for the implementation and continuous improvement of the information security management system’s effectiveness, as well as for the disposal of all financial, technical and human resources that are required for its operation through the annually management review.

Measure of the success of the central information security policy but also of the individual insurance policies, is the achievement of specific goals and giving a feeling of confidence to every business partner for integrity, and information security.


The general security objectives set by Constrat LTD are:

  • Continuous awareness raising, training and motivating Constrat’s LTD staff, about the importance of developing and implementing the ISMS, as well as the importance of staff’s active participation and compliance with security requirements and customer expectations.
  • The absence of cracks and security incidents in general.
  • The effective use of resources.
  • Complete compliance with the requirements of the legislation related to information security.


For these reasons Constrat LTD:

  • Develops and applies policies and procedures, that specialize the central policy and ensure the integrity of information from internal and external risks.
  • Inspires confidence in every business partner that complies with validated. international standards, laws and regulations, as well as contractual requirements for information system security.
  • Protects its assets and information from threats (internal and external) and risks.
  • Ensures keeping confidential information safe and safeguards unauthorized access.
  • It is committed to continuously improving the information security management system by setting up and regularly reviewing measurable safety goals.
  • Applies detection procedures and risk assessment and their impact on protected information
  • It takes all necessary actions, to communicate the central but also the individual security policies at any interested part.


Constrat LTD ensures that all its staff and interested parts (customers, suppliers etc.) are aware of the central information security policy and the implementation of the information security management system and that the applicable individual policies are easily accessible.

ISO 22301:2019

The business continuity system of ISO 22301:2019 ensures that the organization continues to operate during the most demanding and unexcepted conditions (case of disruption-serious disaster-incident) protects the staff and maintains the reputation.


The benefits of ISO 22301 cover many business areas:

  • Proves that the relevant legislation and the regulations are being applied
  • Demonstrates the flexibility of an organization to be able to achieve the main goals in case of a work break
  • Provides a tested and effective method of reset of an organization’s ability to provide basic products or/and services at the agreed level and time even if there is a work break
  • Facilitates the protection and the improvement of the organization’s name and reputation


Constrat’s LTD administration recognizes the risks which may threaten the smooth operation of its activities and has all the required resources for the implementation of a business continuity management system according to the international standard ISO 22301:2019 to:

  • Ensure business’s continuity on critical activities in case of an incident leading to unavailability or inability to access the company’s facilities
  • Be able to return to acceptable operating levels as soon as possible
  • Minimize the impacts which may cause disruption to the credibility and reputation of the company in its clients


The company’s emergency strategies protect the staff’s safety and the company’s reputation, in combination with the continuous and reliable provision of services to all interested parts, while maintaining the contractual and legal compliance to regulations. The implementation of business’s continuity management system, by obeying politics, procedures and related business continuity plans, has the following purposes:

  • Safeguarding staff’s health and safety
  • Preserving company’s image and reputation
  • Protecting those activities that produce value
  • Ensuring the company’s capacity to provide continuously its services and products
  • Establishing systematic methods for planning and evaluating the company’s continuity requirements
  • Establishing specific recovery strategies and redacting applicable plans dealing with business’s continuity incidents


The BCS includes the company’s critical facilities, the equipment, the systems, the processes and the employees that are needed to continue the business during work break. Every important aspect of Constrat LTD has been defined in plans about the recovery of critical processes, with the minimum possible interruption and as soon as possible, depending on the nature of the activity’s disorder.

As a minimum requirement, the BCS of Constrat LTD will be subjected to regular review and updating. An official test program is carried out and evaluated by executives, while through management reviews, goals of improvement will be established and reviewed.

The management has been committed for compliance with the applicable requirements and for continuous improvement of competence and the effectiveness of the business continuity management system.

The Anti-Bribery Management System (ABMS) of ISO 37001:2016 provides the establishment, implementation, maintenance, review and improvement of anti-bribery management. It covers the activities of the organization in cases of:

  • Bribery in the public, private and non-profit sectors
  • Bribery by the organization or by staff of the organization acting on behalf of the organization
  • Bribery of the organization or staff’s of the organization over activities of the organization
  • Bribery of the business partners of the organization over activities of the organization
  • Direct and indirect bribery (e.g. offered bribery or accepted or by a third person)


The implementation of the anti-bribery management system ensures:

  • Trust: Organizations that implements an anti-bribery management system are more likely to be trustworthy when it comes to collaborating with potential partners, because the risk of corruption is lower
  • Implementation of corporate policy and necessary measures to prevent, detect confront bribery
  • Reputation: Applying the standard ISO 37001, an organization will avoid damaging her reputation, which is a consequence of being involved in bribery
  • Cost reduction: The organizations that implement an anti-bribery management system will save money by refusing to give briberies.


Bribery and corruption are major threats to the administration, sustainable development, of business ethics and legal acts between business partners and undermine the efforts for economic and social development.

Constrat LTD acts in terms of ethics and the integrity. Manages with zero-tolerance bribery and corruption incidents and is committed to act professionally and legally in all its business transactions and relationships. Its administration is committed to contribute any way it can the prevention and the combating of bribery and corruption incidents. For this reason:

  • Has developed and implements an anti-bribery management system (ABMS) according to the requirements of ISO 37001: 2016
  • Prohibits any kind of bribery and corruption activity during carrying out tasks of Constrat LTD or when someone acts on her behalf.
  • Commits to meet the demands of ABMS.
  • Commits to comply with all relevant Greek anti-bribery and corruption laws.
  • Commits for the continuous improvement of Α
  • Has established within Constrat LTD an independent anti-bribery compliance section, which has the primary responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the ABMS, informing staff about bribery issues, ensuring that ABMS complies with the requirements of ISO 37001: 2016 and reporting ABMS performance management


Practices of hospitality and/or entertainment which are aimed at creating and/or strengthening relationships and promoting the goals of Constrat LTD are carried out transparently so as not to create any expectation for their recipient to reciprocate, either by committing or omitting acts, or by any other action in return. These practices are proportionate, fully recorded and legal.

Each member of Constrat LTD, employee and partner have to fight against bribery and corruption incidents and inform the independent anti-bribery compliance department or/and the management for suspected occurrences about this kind of situations, sincerely and without having adverse consequences on them. The purpose of Constrat LTD is to enhance transparency and for this reason the administration will investigate all reports about suspicious facts, even if these suspicions prove to be wrong in the end.

Constrat LTD has zero-tolerance in these kinds of behaviors that does not comply with the anti-bribery policy. Any violation of the principles of the policy is considered as an important fact which is a disciplinary offense that carries penalties. Disciplinary penalties are decided on a case-by-case basis, depending on the severity of the demonstrated behavior and the offense that has been committed and are imposed without prejudice of the provisions of the applicable law.


ISO 50001:2018 is an important management tool for the development of an effective Energy Management System for any organization.


The purpose of implementing the standard is:


  • To improve energy efficiency
  • To maximize the use of energy sources and energy resources, reducing both costs and consumption.
  • To improve competitiveness by reducing the use of resources and energy sources, while reducing costs and reducing energy consumption and waste.
  • Tο reduce the energy consumption due to optimization of energy resource management.
  • To improve the awareness of employees in energy management.


Constrat, which specializes in the marketing of hydraulic and other electromechanical equipment as well as in the development of automation projects, operates with respect for the environment and the expectations of the social recognizing that business growth and social prosperity can only be achieved through Sustainable Development. Saving and optimal energy management are of paramount importance concern in the design of our operations.


For this reason, all of us at the organization recognize the Environmental Aspects of our activities and we have all the necessary resources to implement an Energy Management System in accordance with the international standard ISO 50001: 2018.


The commitment to the rational management of energy related to our activities is implemented through the following individual steps:


• Continuous monitoring of energy use.
• Establishment of Energy Goals and Objectives through annual Management meetings.
• Training, coaching and motivation of staff.
• Support the supply of energy efficient products and services that affect energy performance.
• Support for a design of functions that takes into account the improvement of energy efficiency.
• Encouraging internal and external communication on energy issues.


The management of Constrat is committed to:


• the satisfaction of the applicable requirements
• the availability of information and resources to achieve energy targets
• the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Energy Management System and the Energy performance.
• communicating the objectives and goals to employees.