February 9th: World Safer Internet Browsing Day

Safer Internet Browsing Day was celebrated for the first time on 6th February 2004 in 16 countries, coordinated by the SafeBorders Projects and the European Commission’s Safer Internet program. In 2005 the Pan-European network of National Information & Awareness Centres INSAFE took over the reins and today the number of countries has exceeded the 100 worldwide!

This day constitutes the awareness of young and old in matters that concern the safety and morally correct use of the Internet, mobile phones as well as all the interactive technologies that are an integral part of our daily lives.

For Greece, Safer Internet Day is organized by the Saferinternet.gr Action of the Greek Safety Internet Centre, that is the National Representative of the Insafe Network.

As part of the safer internet day, and our main function towards the security of the information both within the company and our relations with our partners we make every possible effort for online safety.

Our infrastructures in hardware and software give us the ability to keep our data secure, our communication confidential and our information resources available.

According to ISO 27001, our safety information system secures our information resources and assures us and our partners of confidentiality and cyber security.

Let’s all continue together to keep the internet safe, accessible and free from threats.

Photo Credit: https://www.saferinternetday.org/