The WIRELESS METER software, can decode telegrams transmitted by WIRELESS MBUS communication protocol,

which specializes the wireless interface between water, energy , gas and heating meters and metering devices.


The software uses graphical user interface (GUI) , in order to be both simple and skilled.

It allows full examination of the metering data and the rate of consumption of the physical resources for which it is intended to collect data.


Features and Advantages

The Features

  • “Reads” any device whose operation is based on the European Standard EN13757-4:2014-2 (wirelessMBus communication protocol)
  • Communication with peripherals wired (through USB cable) or wireless (through Bluetooth protocol)
  • Connectivity via GMS (charges according to the provider’s policy)
  • Display of unlimited number of devices on the map.
  • Dual display of devices ( devices “read” and devices “NOT read”.)
  • Works on ANY windows device, regardless of screen size (works in tablet and desktop mode)
  • Compact application in ONE single file ,that works standalone WITHOUT installation.


The Advantages

  • It does not rely on the services provided by the operating system, it does NOT affect the registry.
  • FlatFile database for portability and flexibility.
  • Support for any type of output file and input file.
  • Barcode conformance to user’s suggestions.
  • Built entirely in Greece with Microsoft technology tools.
  • Immediate and continuous support from Greek engineers – An end to the difficulty of communication with foreign construction companies.
  • Operation on-line and off-line – Not requiring an internet connection (internet)